We have a new PhD student, Sarah, who has recently joined the lab. She will be using proteomics methods to study viral infection and resistance in the single celled phytoplankton O. tauri
The KPF devised and ran the Biology Day, covered in the Shetland News - part of the Astrobiology Summer Academy 2013. Our Masters and Summer Students Rashmi and Ann are pictured supervising the extraction of DNA from mystery samples collected on Planet Earth.

A picnic to mark Val's last day in the Waddington Building. 
Remember Val: 
the weather is always great at the King's Buildings!

ASA2013 has just kicked off with 14 participants from secondary schools in Shetland, Edinburgh and Leiceter. Day1: The Biology assault course at SynthSys/KPF, covering matters of life and death, synthetic life, real lab testing of DNA, proteins, lipids and starch in mystery samples from Planet Earth, and a guide to building a spectrophotometer in your bedroom...
All instructions and results are available on request!